Texas Public Radio: The San Antonio Symphony Brings Music And Memories To Those With Dementia

February 26, 2020

The San Antonio Symphony will perform Hollywood Hits this Friday at the Tobin Center. Before they do, they’ll perform the show for a special crowd: people with dementia and their caregivers. It’s part of the Memory and Music program at the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases. The Symphony and the Tobin Center welcome those with dementia and their caregivers to […]

Biggs Institute joins NIH network studying post-stroke dementia

February 25, 2020

UT Health San Antonio is part of a National Institutes of Health (NIH) stroke research network announced Feb. 19 at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. Sudha Seshadri, M.D., professor of neurology and founding director of the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases, is serving on the Steering Committee as co-leader of […]

San Antonio Magazine: Walking to detect Alzheimer’s

January 3, 2020

San Antonio startup GaitIQ aims to help prevent dementia by analyzing your walk By Kristin Mears By recording a patient walking during a routine physical, doctors will one day be able to detect whether the person is at risk for dementia. That’s the vision of San Antonio entrepreneur Rick Morris, whose GaitIQ is developing a cloud-based […]

Biggs Institute’s neurologist to go to Capitol Hill

December 12, 2019

Alicia Parker, M.D., neurologist at the Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases, is one of 200 neurologists from around the country whom the American Academy of Neurology has selected to meet with Congressional representatives in February 2020. Dr. Parker was selected as part of the academy’s “Neurology on the Hill” program designed for […]

Inflammatory marker linked to dementia

December 12, 2019

An inflammatory marker called sCD14 is related to brain atrophy, cognitive decline and dementia, according to a study of more than 4,700 participants from two large community-based heart studies. The study was published Dec. 9 in the journal Neurology. “We have strong reason to believe that sCD14 can be a useful biomarker to assess a person’s […]

Medical Xpress: Rapamycin prevents age-related brain vascular deterioration

November 7, 2019

Featured in Medical Xpress A just-released study by UT Health San Antonio and collaborating institutions shows age-related decreases in blood flow to the brain and memory loss can be modified with the drug rapamycin. This finding, if furthered, holds implications for aging in general and perhaps offers an avenue to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia in some […]

Biggs Institute seeks 10 volunteers for study of Alzheimer’s drug

October 23, 2019

The Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases at UT Health San Antonio is recruiting volunteers for a clinical study of an investigational drug for Alzheimer’s disease. The principal investigator for this study is Sudha Seshadri, M.D., professor of neurology at UT Health San Antonio and director of the Glenn Biggs Institute. The Biggs […]

5th Edition Neurepiomics Course

October 22, 2019

The Biggs Institute at UT Health San Antonio hosted the 5th Edition of the Neurepiomics Course October 18-22, 2019. The course offers interactive extensive training with practical demonstrations in advanced research methods of neurepidemiology with experts from around the world and has previously been hosted at sights like Boston, Massachusetts and Bordeaux, France.  

Gene variants influence size of brain stem, other structures

October 21, 2019

Global research project suggests novel drug targets for brain diseases Researchers have found a link between 48 common genetic variations and the size of the brainstem and other subcortical structures deep within the brain. These structures control a wide array of functions ranging from learning and fear response to heart rate and voluntary movement. Damage […]

Neurology Today: Elevated plasma tau predicts stroke risk over and above other factors

August 8, 2019

By Richard Robinson ARTICLE IN BRIEF:In blood samples from participants in the longitudinal Framingham Heart Study, researchers applied a highly sensitive test for total tau and found that those with higher levels had an increased risk for stroke. Elevation of tau in the bloodstream is an independent risk factor for stroke, according to a study […]