New Alzheimer’s Drug: Aduhelm (Aducanumab)

The first new FDA approved drug for Alzheimer’s disease in close to 20 years.

The drug Aduhelm, also called aducanumab, can be used as treatment for some people with mild memory loss or other symptoms of early stage due to Alzheimer’s disease.

At the Biggs Institute, our approach toward this new drug is proactive and thoughtful, as there are some concerns about the drug’s usefulness in the long-term. Our clinical team will review the risks and benefits for each patient based on the latest science and the careful judgements of our experts.

We believe this drug is best used for persons who are very similar to those included in the drug’s clinical trials.

People who may qualify for treatment include:

  • patients with early stage Alzheimer’s disease symptoms
  • those with confirmed amyloid plaques in the brain
  • those with low risk of serious side effects such as brain swelling or small bleeds in the brain

If Aduhelm is Right for You

Patients prescribed Aduhelm will be carefully monitored, both clinically and with brain MRI, for side effects. We will also collaborate with your primary care doctor or geriatrician on your treatment plan.

As required by the FDA, we are carefully monitoring the responses of each patient in the Phase 4 clinical studies of Aduhelm.

Your neurologist at the Biggs Institute can help you decide if Aduhelm may be a good treatment for you, by:

  • diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease with precision
  • confirming that there are amyloid plaques in the brain (amyloid is the toxic protein that the new drug targets)
  • testing for the APOE4 allele, which may be associated with more side effects

When appropriate, your neurologist can administer the drug carefully, monitoring for treatment and side effects.

To learn if Aduhelm is right for you, please contact us at 210-450-9600 or message us through My Chart.

Please note: Aduhlem only received FDA approval on June 7, 2021. Currently, we are awaiting on guidelines for insurance reimbursement. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on providing you the latest treatments in dementia care.

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Not a candidate for Aduhelm?

If you are not a candidate for Aduhelm, we have clinical trials offering new and promising treatments for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

As a clinical trial volunteer you will have access to advanced treatments and help bring research discoveries into clinical practice for millions of people and their families.

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