Advanced dementia treatment

You can receive advanced treatment through clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies used to find new and better ways to treat and ultimately prevent dementia.

As a leading academic health center and through our partnerships, you will have access to the newest treatments available.

Help advance treatment as a healthy volunteer

You can also help advance dementia treatment as a healthy volunteer.

Some clinical studies involve exciting new treatments, others are observational. In an observational study, people who may not have dementia, but want to help can sign-up to volunteer. Healthy volunteering may include annual exams or providing information, like blood samples.

As a volunteer, you can help us learn more about brain health across different lifestyles, ethnicities and other factors.

Available clinical trials

Alzheimer’s disease (diagnosed)
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Heart health or diagnosis of diastolic dysfunction
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Memory loss concerns (no diagnosis of dementia)
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Mild cognitive impairment (diagnosed)
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Parkinson’s disease (diagnosed)
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All available clinical trials
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The Biggs Institute is an official partner of the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study and the University of Southern California Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute.

You can be a part of life-saving research by donating blood

Our researchers are expanding the understanding of dementia by learning how biological and environmental factors may influence a person’s health. You can provide biological samples, like blood, for researchers to use when they need information to complete studies- helping us save resources.