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  • REACH Clinical Trial

    Diagnosis Requirements: Mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s
    Age Eligibility: Ages 55 to 89 years
    Medication: Rapamycin or placebo

    The REACH clinical trial is 1 of 16 trials worldwide offering promising therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia funded by the Alzheimer’s Association’s Part the Cloud global research grant program and Bill Gates. The trial will evaluate the use of Rapamycin to slow progression of amnestic mild cognitive impairment and early-stage Alzheimer’s. It will also collect vital information on Alzheimer’s markers and relevant outcomes for future clinical trials.

  • AHEAD 3-45 Study

    Diagnosis Requirements: None
    Age Eligibility: 55 to 80 years
    Medication: Lecanemab or placebo

    This study reviews a new treatment to prevent memory decline and slow the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • mother and daughter

    Heart Function and Brain Health Study

    Diagnosis Requirements: Normal Heart Function or Diastolic Dysfunction
    Age Eligibility: 60 years or older

    The purpose of this clinical trial is to study heart function in relation to brain health.

  • Covid

    7T MRI Study of How COVID-19 Affects the Brain

    Diagnosis Requirements: None
    Age Eligibility: 45 to 80 years
    Medication: None

    Studying COVID-19’s long-term neurological and psychological impacts.

  • DiverseVCID: Diverse Vascular Contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

    Diagnosis Requirements: None
    Age Eligibility: 65 to 90 years
    Medication: None

    The results of this study will be used to develop and validate a predictive risk model to inform future care.

  • MarkVCID: Biomarkers for Vascular Contribution to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

    Diagnosis Requirements: None or diagnosis of MCI or mild dementia
    Age Eligibility: 60-90 years old
    Medication: None

    During four annual assessments, we will compare your blood biomarkers and brain health to verify biomarkers as an accessible and affordable way to learn healthy aging from signs of dementia.