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Hector Treviño, MPH

Hector Treviño manages epidemiologic research studies in Alzheimer’s disease that identify genetic, environmental, social-behavioral, vascular and metabolic factors and their pathways to dementia pathogenesis using observational study designs and innovative analytic techniques from biostatistics and computational biology. He also manages a double-blind, randomized controlled trial that aims to evaluate the efficacy and safety of DBS-f stimulation to slow the cognitive and functional progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Clinical Research

Marucela Ayvar Uscamayta, M.Sc.

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Okeanis Vaou, MD, FAAN

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Jamie Walker, MD, PhD

Studies focus on dementia and successful aging. “Successful agers” are resistant or resilient to the Alzheimer-type neuropathologic changes that develop in many people as they age. Understanding the process of resistance or resilience to these neuropathologic changes in successful agers will bring insight into mechanisms of prevention and ideally lead o the development of therapeutic interventions for dementia.

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Biological & Innovative Research, Clinical Research

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