Research Areas

Our researchers are investigating the underlying cause of this complex disease down to the cellular level, to advance the development of new treatments.

Life-changing therapies and treatments originate in our laboratories at UT Health San Antonio.

Together through our many collaborations and National Institute on Aging designated center of excellence, we proactively advancing against neurodegenerative diseases through groundbreaking research, leading to the key scientific discoveries that are accelerating new therapies and one-day a cure.

Researcher Bess Frost looking through a microscope

Primary Research Areas

Population Neuroscience

Population neuroscience focuses on large, representative population samples to identify the full range of neurodegenerative diseases, risk factors and underlying biology with principles of conventional epidemiology supplemented by imaging, cognitive neuroscience, multidimensional omics, systems biology and data mining.

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Biology and Innovative Research

Biology and innovative research studies expand on all the core traditional areas of neurodegeneration research into biological pathways underlying Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Research is used to develop an understanding of the genetic and other omic findings from the population neuroscience core.

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Clinical Research

Using precision medicine, our clinical research team works to understand, prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases with individual variability in disease biology and genes, environment and lifestyle to provide focused screening, optimized treatment and personalized enrollment into clinical trials.

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Partner Research Areas

Aging and Longevity

Studies surrounding age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to find solutions that improve health.

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Research extends from single cell studies to targeting specific neurological diseases, disorders and trauma.

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