Care team navigation

Improving care for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Care team navigation

Our care team navigator supports patients of the Biggs Institute and their families with the many questions that come with a dementia diagnosis and the evolving challenges that arise as the disease progresses.

The navigator serves as a support line by listening to the patient’s needs and providing families the resources for addressing these complex concerns.

Working with our team of nurses and dementia care experts, our care team navigator ensures all aspects of patient care are considered to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for patients and their families.

The care team navigator is part of a model of care known as the Care Ecosystem that is being used throughout the U.S. to help improve the quality of life for families by providing them support and expert dementia care.

About the Care Ecosystem

The Care Ecosystem was designed to help health care systems provide expert dementia care to the growing number of people affected by dementia.

Research has shown that this model of care, with personalized telephone- and web-based care for patients with dementia and their caregivers, provides:

  • Easier access to expert dementia care.
  • Improved quality of life for families.
  • Reduced visits to the emergency room.

Enroll in the Care Ecosystem today!

Current patients of the Biggs Institute, may now be eligible to enroll.

To learn if the program is right for you, call us at 210-450-9960.


The care team navigator at the Biggs Institute is supported by the generosity of the Robert L. Bailey family.