AHEAD 3-45 Study

The AHEAD 3-45 Study reviews a new treatment to prevent memory decline and slow the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Study at a Glance

Estimated Time Commitment

216 weeks


Age Eligibility

55 to 80 years

Diagnosis Required




Lecanemab or placebo


The trial will study if lecanemab treatment reduces amyloid, a protein that accumulates in a brain with Alzheimer’s.


Qualifications to participate include, but are not limited to:

    • Adults ages 55 to 80 years
    • A study partner able to provide information about the participant’s daily function. Study partner must be in weekly contact with the participant via in-person, phone, or video.
    • Adults ages 55 to 64 must have 1 of the following risk factors:
        • First degree relative diagnosed with dementia onset before age 75
        • Has at least 1 apolipoprotein E4 variant (APOE4) allele
        • Elevated brain amyloid according to previous PET or cerebrospinal fluid testing before screening
        • Individuals with historical amyloid PET scans with intermediate brain amyloid (example, from preclinical Alzheimer’s disease studies such as A4 or EARLY) are eligible if they have not participated in studies with anti-amyloid therapies after the PET exam

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